New from Falcon!

  • 05 February 2024
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This cutting-edge machine is a testament to our commitment to innovation while building on the established practicality and robustness of our existing range of flail implements. The long-awaited Offset and Tilt Flail Mower strikes a perfect balance between familiarity and new functionality, ensuring that farmers will experience the best of both worlds.

The technical features of this new Flail Mower have been selected to meet the requirements of farmers in Africa. The first machine in this range will measure 2.1 meters wide, providing an optimal cutting width for a variety of applications, especially the narrow row widths of high value crops. It features a retractable cutting offset of 350 mm from the hitch centreline, which extends up to 3200 mm. This versatility allows operators to reach areas that were previously inaccessible, making it a game-changer for cutting embankments on farms or next to roads. With a tilt range of 65 degrees downward to vertical upward, this implement ensures precise cutting and adaptability to different terrains.

The new Offset and Tilt Flail Mower will be available for purchase this year. Before its official release we will be showcasing a functioning prototype at the Falcon stand during Nampo 2024. Farmers and industry professionals will have a chance to inspect its capabilities firsthand. We are confident that this new addition to our family of implements will deliver the same reliability and no-nonsense ruggedness that Africa has come to expect from Falcon.

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