Maintenance remains a key success factor

  • 30 June 2021
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With this said, maintenance – both planned and unplanned, play a vital role in keeping operations on tract, preserving safety and avoiding expensive breakdowns.  According to each implement’s operator’s manual, proper care and maintenance can also prolong the lifespan of agricultural machinery. 

Routine maintenance
Maintenance should be carried out before and after each use of the equipment. It is furthermore important to only use original and approved Falcon replacement parts and lubricants.

Before use
• To be carried out at least daily during periods of continuous use.
• Extra care and attention should be given to implements which may have been unused for a prolonged period (one month or longer).

The following guidelines are important:
• Check all fasteners for tightness.
• Inspect blades for indications of wear and sharpen or replace, as necessary.
• Ensure that all guards, shields, and other safety devices are in place, properly secured and in good condition.
• Inspect all mounting pins, chains, shackles and other load-bearing components for signs of wear. Check that all secondary securing mechanisms are in place. 
• Conduct a visual and audible inspections for excessive vibration and noise. Causes of excessive vibration and noise must be identified and eliminated immediately to prevent consequential structural or mechanical failure not covered under warranty. 

After use
• To be carried out at least every 40 hours during periods of continuous use. 

The following guidelines are important:
• Clear all debris from the implement, particularly the underside of the deck.
• Where pressurised cleaning is undertaken care must be taken in areas around seals, breathers, lubrication points and PTO driveshaft components.
• Thoroughly inspect the implement for any damages incurred during use and note these for attention before next use.
• Ensure that all safety and warning decals are in place and in a legible condition.
• Before long-term storage (longer than one month), check oil levels and thoroughly lubricate all specified lubrication points.
• Store the implement in a clean, dry and weather-protected area.

For more information, visit or speak to your nearest Falcon dealer. (Each product on the website has a link to its manual.)

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