Amazone UX 11201 | Biggest crop sprayer on the African continent

  • 23 September 2021
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With an enormous tank capacity of 11, 200 litres, no job is too big for the UX 11201. Coupled with the Super-L2 or -L3 sprayer booms in working widths of 24 to 40 m and its double pump system with suction capacities of up to 900 l/min, it makes short change of large area farming or crops which require particularly high application rates.

For even more impact, the UX 11201 can be equipped with the ultramodern AmaSelect, an individual nozzle control boasting integrated LED lighting and the latest CurveControl technology.

The Amazone UX 11201 in action
The team from Falcon recently delivered such a beast of a trailed sprayer to grain and cattle farmer Heinrich Schönfeldt in Caledon in the Western Cape. Schönfeldt’s farming operations work on controlled traffic lines and his focus is firmly set on economical farming practices through precision farming.

An immediate change to 3 300 mm, centre to centre was made to the track width and after a thorough training and post-delivery inspection (PDI), it was all systems go to commission the biggest crop sprayer on the continent.

According to Schönfeldt, who has been making use of Amazone equipment for the past 25 years, the UX 11201 is a welcome addition to his equipment fleet of two ZA-M spreaders, a 3200 ZA-TS spreader and a 4200 ZA-TS spreader.

For the past ten years he has been spraying with 36 m booms, while all farming areas are set to 12 m track traffic. Schönfeldt also makes use of another 36 m self-propelled sprayer for his canola production activities. He acquired the UX 11201 for its increased productivity capabilities which allows Schönfeldt to spray up to 600 hectares per day while the reduced cost of using a trailed sprayer (he is saving up to 50% on diesel costs) further makes good business sense. He can now also better utilise his Claas Xerion tractors.

Schönfledt’s aim is to only utilise the Amazone UX sprayer while reserving the self-propelled sprayer for canola production.

And what is next for Schönfeldt and his Amazone fleet? He is considering moving up to 48 m booms to affect a further saving of 25% in production costs, where a bit more ground clearance is required.

For more information contact your nearest dealer or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Heinrich Schönfeldt and Anna du Plessis, Falcon’s Head of Marketing.

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