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  • 27 September 2021
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Falcon recently delivered this exact model to JP Truter’s farm Kanolkop, just outside Moorreesburg, who is of the opinion that the sprayer is not only cost effective, but also robust and reliable. In short: a perfect addition to his equipment fleet.

According to JP, who is accustomed to Amazone spreaders, he was very impressed with the overall performance of the sprayer and completed his spraying cycle without any glitches or hassles.

He was especially impressed by the sprayer’s ability to negotiate rutted terrain. In previous years he ended up spraying double the amount of chemicals in some areas because of the unevenness, but this time around with the UX 01 spraying ran smoothly and was very cost effective.

The L3 boom with a width of 36 m also impressed JP. “This addition is in my opinion one of the best features of the sprayer. In the past I really struggled with wide sprayers in uneven and slanted areas, but not with the UX 01. The boom’s overall stability and height adjustability adds immense value”.

Thanks to the 6 200 litre tank capacity, JP was able to spray 40 hectares per tank, adding to not only his bottom line, but also saving him valuable time.

More about the UX 01 Super Trailed Sprayer
The UX 01 Super trailed sprayer is available in tank capacities of 4 200 ℓ, 5 200 ℓ and 6 200 ℓ and is characterised by its very comfortable handling concept.

In addition, the Super-L2 sprayer boom impresses with boom widths of 21 to 40 m while the L3 boom boasts a width of 36 m.

Thanks to the level of high-performance equipment offered, the UX Super trailed sprayer ensures maximum efficiency at an unprecedented output.

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