Versatility of the Falcon Flail Cutter – ideal for pastures, orchards, maize stubble and general mowing and clearing

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Falcon Flail Cutters represent a range of universal implements intended for a wide range of cutting applications. This includes pasture maintenance, mulching of prunings in orchards, general bush clearing, maintenance of roadways and other public amenities, as well as slashing/mulching of maize/wheat residue.

When configured for “containment” – typically when mulching and shredding of cuttings and prunings, it is recommended that the implement be used to process material up to a maximum diameter of 50 mm.



When configured for “discharge” – typically when grass cutting, bush clearing and mowing, it is recommended that the implement be used to process material up to a maximum diameter of 25 mm.


The video below shows a Falcon Flail Cutter cutting between a newly established orchard of pecan trees:

This video shows the implement being used for shredding maize stubble:

BENEFITS of the Falcon Flail Cutter:

  • Due to their horizontal layout and enclosed cutting chamber, these implements provide predictable and consistent results with high levels of personal safety
  • Available in a range of sizes having working widths from 1,5 – 2,3 m, they are suitable for tractors between 35 – 60 kW
  • Material discharge options are also possible by configuring the implement for maximum dispersion or maximum containment of processed materials
  • A hydraulically-operated off-set hitch facility is provided on most models, allowing cutting up to boundaries and fence lines as well as providing access for the implement beneath low-hanging foliage
  • A v-belt drive system prevents mechanical overload, while a built-in over-run facility provides controlled deceleration of the drive system on shut-down

All models may be fitted with hammers or blades, depending on the intended application.

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