The Falcon Haymaker® – Rotary Cutters in a range of widths from 1,2 to 3,5 meters and for any tractor size

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The Falcon Haymaker® is one of the most popular hay-cutting implements in the country. This rotary cutter is quick, efficient and trouble-free. It is designed with safety, convenience and serviceability in mind.

There are a wide range of models to suit every farmers need and tractor size.

Small (F40 Gearbox)

This is a multipurpose rotary cutter for smaller tractors (35 kW to 50 kW). This implement can successfully cut hay and also tackle other cutting jobs around the farm. The unit has a cutting width of 1,2 m. It has been successfully tested in various hay crops, including lucerne The F40/120V Haymaker® has a round, low-impact blade disc that can be fitted with either two or four free-swinging blades Two blades are more efficient for hay-cutting because they produce a crop that has been cut only once It also has an offset facility that permits cutting up to boundary fences.

Intermediate (F80 Gearbox)

This range has by far the largest share of the haymaking market, offering a multipurpose rotary cutter for tractors rated between 48 kW and 80 kW. The various models have cutting widths of 1,5 m, 1,8 m and 2,0 m respectively In the models with 1,5 m and 1,8 m cutting widths there are two versions: the normal V (Veld Cutter) and the EV (Extended Veld Cutter) The main difference between them is that the deck of the EV is ±300 mm wider than the V equivalent on the left-hand side This design allows for a larger space for the cuttings to move out of the blade path into a windrow This configuration further reduces the possibility of double chopping and creates a bigger and wider windrow, which assists the baling process In the case of lucerne and teff (softer grass) we recommend the EV, which is fitted with specially designed high-lift blades (H1460) that create a vacuum which will lift the material and also direct it into a windrow This will result in a cleaner and more effective cut.

Large (F60 + F80 Gearbox)

The large Haymaker® is a twin rotor implement with a cutting width of 3,5 m. This means that one tractor and Haymaker® can cut the same volume of hay in a day as was previously possible only by using two tractor/Haymaker® units. The large Haymaker® is available in both a mounted and a trailed version The mounted F80/350V Haymaker® is designed for cutting undulating areas and requires a larger tractor over 75 kW, so that the implement can be safely lifted off the ground for moving around The F60/350VT Trailed Haymaker® is attached to the tractor with a drawbar system and trailing wheels, eliminating the need for
it to be lifted completely off the ground It is the ideal implement for cutting flat areas (e.g. on airfields between the runways and along the fences) and can be used with smaller tractors (55 kW to 60 kW) Significant savings in the cost of fuel and labour are realised by using a single large Haymaker® compared to operating two smaller Haymakers®

V vs VH

There are also two versions of the Haymaker® with a 2 m cutting width: the V (Veld Cutter) and the VH (Veld Cutter with BlowermowerTM blades). The V is fitted with the standard banana Haymaker® blades and the VH is fitted with BlowermowerTM blades. The VH is the ideal implement to cut tufted or heavy grasses, like blue buffalo grass, which tends to lie flat when it gets long. The BlowermowerTM blades create a vacuum under the deck which lifts the material, cuts and then directs it into a windrow. This results in a cleaner more effective cut.

There is a Falcon Haymaker® for everyone. And being a Falcon, it is built to last, and stands the test of time, generation after generation.

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