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One of the most essential parts of keeping turf healthy is regular mowing. The simple advantage of mowing grass regularly is that it increases the quality of the turf. In general, most turf requires mowing once a week and increasing to twice a week in the faster growth months. Regular mowing produces a markedly thicker lawn, which in turn, is the best way to fight weeds. Mowing once every two weeks or less is regarded as the quickest way to reduce the quality of the turf and cause it to thin out. Trying to reduce mowing frequency by cutting the grass really short also results in unhealthy turf. Blades of grass that have been cut too short are vulnerable to insects, the weather, and a lack of sufficient nutrients. A general rule is to never cut more than one-third the length of the grass blades, however different grass varieties require different mowing heights. It is therefore important to know what type of turf grass you have and then cut it according to recommendations for that species.

Since mowing is such an essential part of the turf maintenance, and a great deal of time will be spent on mowing, choosing the right implement for your specific requirements is essential. The choice of implement should be based not only on the quality of cut but also on the ease of maintenance and simplicity of operation and the knowledge that the implement will serve you well for many years, since good turf management will require its regular use.

Choosing the right mower for your turf

There is a wide variety of methods and machines available, from hand held brush cutters through to high precision implements used on putting greens. The most versatile, efficient and cost effective method is the use of various tractor drawn mowers. There are a large variety on the market offering a wide range of features and benefits for every turf management need.

Falcon, a local manufacturer of agricultural equipment, offers an extensive range of mowers, made specifically for the local market. There are models for a variety of operations, with cutting widths ranging from 0,9 m to 2,1 m and cutting heights between 0 and 100mm.

The Falcon Rollermower is suitable for all turf areas from lawns to polo fields with tractors rated between 10 and 60 kW. It is a low cost implement offering a neat, even cut and the implement can be offset up to a boundary fence.

The GrassmulcherTM offers an excellent finish with no collection of material required. Cut grass is recycled and recut, leaving mulch spread across the full width of the implement. The result is one-pass maintenance of sports grounds, which needs frequent cutting and should be kept short. It is also available in a range of models for us with tractors rated between 15 and 60 kW.

The Blowermower TM features the ability to have the cut material, collected in strong reusable bags. It is popular for all turf areas from lawns to sports fields with tractors rated between 10 and 60 kW and is extremely safe to use in public areas as the cutting gear is completely enclosed.

The Rotagang® is particularly popular for managing and mowing turf on undulations and uneven ground. The cutting efficiency is consistent over the various undulations and the implement provides close cutting without scalping. It is well suited to cutting and trimming fairways, sports fields, parks and housing estates, and can cut matted and seeded grasses with tractors rated between 25 and 40 kW. Skid runners and anti-scalping rollers attached to each gang provides increased protection to the turf as well as improves the implement’s ability to follow the ground contours. In addition, each rotor is mounted independently so that each gang can travel on its own plane. It is available in a working width of 1,75 m.

The Falcon Turfpro Finishing Mower is for areas with very high quality turf including sports fields and golf courses. It offers a very high-quality finish and cut while at the same time being low maintenance, reliable and safe. It has a quick and easy adjustable cutting height and is available in a working width of 2,1m.

All the mowers offered by Falcon have adjustable cutting heights and the extensive range ensures there are models to suit every tractor size and mowing need.

Tough, Reliable, Durable

Falcon has become known in the agricultural industry in South Africa as the benchmark for quality, durability and safety of locally manufactured rotary cutters. As a company, it stands firmly behind the slogan for the brand: “Falcon stands the test of time, generation after generation.” When referring to Falcon implements, many will say “they never break,” others say “if it’s a Falcon, it just goes on and on and on”. It is clear that the company has built a very strong reputation amongst its customers and competitors of reliability and durability and this is arguably most apparent in their mower range, with implements continuing to be seen working on grounds, many years beyond expected. Through their authorised dealer network, they also supply spare parts for all their implements ensuring that wearing parts can be replaced quickly and efficiently, reducing down time of the implement.

For more information about the range of products offered by Falcon for turf maintenance and management, you can visit one of their authorised dealers or visiting the products section of our website by clicking here.

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