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The Falcon Rotagang®, Finishing Mower and the Amazone Groundkeeper

One of the most extensive offerings from Falcon equipment is their range of mowers for application in turf, agricultural fields and pastures, general mowing and grounds maintenance. All tractor drawn, there are over twenty models in their wide range, with cutting widths ranging from 0,9 m to 2,1 m and cutting heights between 0 and 100 mm. However, in addition to their core range, there are a number of specialised mowers in their offering. These include the Falcon Rotagang®, Turfpro Finishing Mower and the Amazone SmartCut Groundkeeper.  

The Falcon Rotagang® gives a close cut for large areas with undulating terrain with no scalping. It is a very popular implement in the South African market due to the need for a high-quality finish cut on uneven ground. It is ideal for cutting and trimming fairways, sports fields, parks and housing estates and can cut matted and seeded grasses. It has a 1,75 m working width and can be used with a 25–40 kW tractor.

The Falcon Turfpro Finishing Mower is for areas with very high quality turf including sports fields and golf courses. It offers a very high-quality finish and cut while at the same time being low maintenance, reliable and safe. It has a quick and easy adjustable cutting height and is available in a working width of 2,1 m.

The Amazone SmartCut Groundkeeper is an imported implement from Germany. Amazone are at the forefront of modern technology and are known for their innovation and high-tech implements. The Groundkeeper offers efficient maintenance of all green spaces. It can be used all year round in all weather conditions for scarifying and mowing as well as collecting of leaves, hedges, twigs and even litter in recreational areas. It is extremely versatile and can be used for parks, lawns, sports fields, golf courses, paddocks, green spaces in residential areas and campsites.

Although not a specialised mower, it’s worth mentioning the versatility of the Falcon Flail Cutters, as they are a very universal range of implements which could be used for general clearing and basic mowing, should an establishment have this need over and above the core use of the Flail Cutter (which includes pasture maintenance, mulching of prunings in orchards, general bush clearing and maintenance of roadways and other public amenities).

If you are interested in any of our specialised mowers or standard mowers for your turf maintenance needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. For more information visit one of the authorised dealers or visit www.falconequipment.co.za


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