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Falcon has become known in the agricultural industry in South Africa as the benchmark for quality, durability and safety of locally manufactured rotary cutters. As a company, it stands firmly behind the slogan for the brand: “Falcon stands the test of time, generation after generation.”

When referring to Falcon implements, many will say “they never break,” others say “if it’s a Falcon, it just goes on and on and on”. It is clear that the company has built a very strong reputation amongst its customers and competitors of reliability and durability. We look at some of the factors that contribute to Falcon’s “built to last” implements.

Design & Testing

All Falcon implements are uniquely and expertly designed and built to cope with the tough South African conditions. New implements are rigorously tested for long periods and designs are adjusted and perfected to meet stringent standards for long-term reliability.


All Falcon implements are manufactured from top-quality steel plate suitably reinforced with angle and channel iron which is stitchwelded to reduced distortions and stress fractures. 45 degree gusseted bends are used to ensure maximum strength and side panels can be raised or lowered to adjust the cutting height according to the requirement. The heads of the bolts securing the panel are countersunk into hexagonal recesses, so that only one spanner is required for height adjustments. The side panels are protected by steel skid runners. The topmast, which connects to the tractor’s top-link, is mounted on bushes and connected to the rear of the implement by HT steel chains. This flexible linkage allows the rotary cutter to follow the ground contours. The lower linkage points are of the clevis type, with loose pins, on the implements of 1,5 m and wider. The smaller implements have fixed pins on the lower hitch-points.

Metal Treatment and Painting

All Falcon manufactured parts are subjected to a five-tank acid bath cleaning and phosphate treatment process. The primer paint coat is then applied by complete immersion in a paint tank, which allows the paint to reach all closed sections and recesses and behind all gussets. All open seams are then sealed with a special sealant to protect the implement from moisture, before the final enamel colour coat is applied. All fasteners, chains, shackles and pins are electroplated to guard against corrosion.

The Falcon Gearbox

One of the secrets of the success of the Falcon rotary cutters is that the F50, F60 and F80 series are fitted with locally manufactured Falcon heavy-duty and extra heavy- duty gearboxes. These gearboxes, entirely constructed by Falcon, have proved to have a long, trouble-free life in any operation, as they are specially designed both to withstand the extraordinary working conditions encountered in Africa and to absorb the higher power being produced by the new-generation tractors coming into the market. The F50 and F80 have a warranty period of three years and the F60 for two years against faulty manufacture, and because they are locally manufactured these parts are also easily and quickly available.

Drive Shafts

All implements are supplied with appropriate, fully guarded PTO shafts Torque-limiting slip-clutches are supplied where specified. Optional over-run or freewheel clutches can be supplied if required.

Listen and Adapt

Part of the company’s pledge to their customers is that they will listen. Falcon understands that their success is based on what their customers believe exceptional service and quality to be, not what they believe it to be. As a business, the company is focused on receiving and listening to feedback, and in turn, improving their designs and fabrications to ensure the implements get better and better.

Manufacturing implements for an increasingly competitive market, where price is a major factor for the farmer, is no easy feat. The Falcon difference is that the implements are built to last and stand the test of time, generation after generation.


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