Falcon | Trailed Slasher


USE: The Falcon Slasher is a quick, efficient and trouble-free implement. Different models with cutting widths from 0,9 to 3 m are available to meet the varied cutting and slashing requirements. The tried and tested cutting gear ensures a clean cut in all conditions. Slashers should not be used for haymaking purposes.

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The F60/300T Slasher is designed for grass-cutting and slashing of large areas. It has a cutting width of 3 m and a cutting height of 50–350 mm. Since this slasher is fully trailed, it can be used with smaller tractors ranging from 35 to 90 kW.

Owing to its height adjustability it is also an ideal implement for slashing operations at airports, where a cutting height of approximately 350 mm is required to control the bird population. The low profile allows for easy cutting under low trees as the monocoque construction offers a smooth deck and prevents material build-up.

This slasher spreads the cuttings evenly across the full width of the implement and can cut grass up to 1,2 m high. It is fitted with a splitter box and two locally manufactured F60 series gearboxes. The high-capacity bevel gear T-box splits the power into torque-dampening couplings which prevent excessive high-impact torque in the intermediate shafts and absorb shock in the inter-transmission system, allowing efficient and effective cutting. The F60/300T Slasher is fitted with two round, low-impact blade discs.

Model Width of cut (m) Blades Gearbox Slip clutch Total mass (kg) Dimensions Length/Width (mm) Cutting Height Min/Max (mm)
F60/300T 3 2 x 2 2 x F60 Yes 1153 4060 3021 350