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USE: The Falcon F60/450 Flexwing Slasher is currently South Africa’s largest locally- manufactured rotary cutter. This implement has been designed specifically to cope with tough South African conditions. Having a cutting width of 4,5 m, it combines high productivity and durability with low maintenance cost.

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Power transmission at each cutting mechanism is provided by the Falcon F60 gearbox. This new, simplified design greatly reduces the number of constituent parts and provides increased ease of maintenance for the end user. Another simplified design feature is the unique leaf-spring suspension system.

Rigorous testing of the durability of the transmission systems and cutting mechanisms has been undertaken, ensuring that the implement delivers on the quality, durability and safety which are expected from Falcon’s “built to last” implements.

As this is a fully trailed implement, the tractor size range of 50 kW – 150 kW offers exceptional productivity from an ultra-wide cutting width of 4,5 m with even a relatively small tractor. In addition, the effectiveness of the implement’s suspension system ensures that land speeds are limited only by tractor driver comfort.

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Model Width of cut (m) Blades Total
Mass (kg)
Dimensions Length/Width (mm) Cutting Height Min/Max (mm)
A0086 4,5 3 x 2 2100 2525 4750 50/350