Falcon | Flail Mowers


USE: The Falcon Flail Mower is available in a range of sizes with working widths from 2,1 to 2,9 m and suitable for tractors between 40 and 60 kW. It is intended for a specific range of cutting applications. These include mulching of maize/wheat residue, pasture maintenance, orchard maintenance, general bush clearing, and maintenance of roadways and other public amenities. Unlike Falcon’s Flail Cutters, it is not intended for sustained shredding and mulching applications, but rather suitable for maintenance applications in areas free of excessively large solid materials (typically less than 25 mm in diameter). Due to its horizontal layout and enclosed cutting chamber, this implement provides predictable and consistent results with high levels of safety.

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Falcon Flail Mowers represent a range of universal implements intended for a wide range of cutting applications. This includes pasture maintenance, mulching of prunings in orchards, general bush clearing, maintenance of roadways and other public amenities, as well as slashing/mulching of maize/wheat residue.

Model/Part No. Description Working width W x L x H (mm) Offset max (mm) Blade / Hammer (qty) Mass (kg) Power, max (kW)
F210 Skids 2100 2290 x 1320 x 1000 500 20/60   40–60
F250 Skids 2500 2690 x 1480 x 1005 500 24/72   40–60
F290 Skids 2900 3122 x 1420 x 1005 500 84/28 771 40–60
F290 Including wheels 2900 3040 x 1830 x 1005 500 84/28 915 40–60
F290 Including roller 2900 3122 x 1480 x 1005 500 84/28 865 40–60