Amazone | KE Rotary Harrows


The KE rotary harrow is superbly suited for soil tillage after the plough and mulch sowing on pre-cultivated soils. The strong frame, one piece rotor head and shaft and a sprung tine fixing result in a very robust implement. The large clearance between the tines and above the rotor heads ensures the free passage of large amount of straw or clods of soil.

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The Amazone KE Rotary Harrow has a solid light-weight design. It is superbly suited for soil tillage after ploughing and mulch-sowing on pre-cultivated soils. The large clearance above the rotor heads ensures a free passage of large amounts of straw or clods of soil.

The KE working depth can be easily adjusted to 16 different settings by repositioning a pin on the carrying arms. The side plates are mounted on a sprung suspension (KE Super) which allows them to move upwards when stones are encountered.

The KE Rotary Harrow is available in 2,5, 3 and 4 m working widths and is suited to tractors rated up to 131 kW. Front-end mounted frames are available, as are optional rollers to suit different soil conditions. The cage roller, tooth-packer roller and wedge ring roller are available as optional extras. Each Amazone KE Rotary Harrow is supplied to the customer’s specifications, ready for work.

Part No Description Number of Tines Number of Rotors Working
Width (m)
Working Depth (mm) Mass Without Rollers (kg) Tractor (kW)
S2004 KE 2500 Special - 8 2,5 max 200 918 40–102
S2001 KE 3000 Super - 10 3,0 max 200 1 127 59–131
S2003 KE 4000 Super - 14 4,0 max 200 1 308 66–131

* Refer to the price list to see the optional extras.