Amazone | Catros Disc Harrows


The Catros Special mounted compact disc harrow is ideally suited for fast, shallow and intensively mixing soil tillage. With its robust design, and in working widths from 2,5 m to 4 m, it is the ideal entry-level model for the small to medium-sized farm.

The Catros-2TS compact disc harrow is ideally suited for shallow and intensively mixing soil tillage. Thanks to its easy pulling, and working width of 6 m, especially high speeds and impressive work rates are possible.

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The Amazone Catros is ideal for quick, shallow and intensive stubble-mixing work and operates without plugging, even with high amounts of surface straw.

It is used mainly to incorporate maize stalks and grain stubble, the loosening up of grassland or uncultivated land, and the incorporation of organic manure. The Catros is fitted with either smoothrimmed or serrated discs. Various rollers are available to reconsolidate the soil after the discing operation. The roller range comprises a wedge ring roller, cage roller, tandem roller, tooth-packer roller and knife ring roller.

Compatible Rollers for Catros: Cage Roller, Tooth Packer Roller, Wedge Ring Roller, Tandem Roller and Knife Ring Roller

Part No Description Number of Tines Number of Discs Working
Width (m)
Working Depth (mm) Mass Without Rollers (kg) Tractor (kW)
S2018 Catros+ 2503 Special - 2 x 10 2,5 50–150 1 118 min 55
S2015 Catros+ 3003 Special - 2 x 12 3,0 50–150 1 348 min 66
S2016 Catros+ 4003 Special - 2 x 16 4,0 50–150 1 758 min 91
S2005 Catros+ 6001-2 TS       - 2 x 24 6,0 50–150 4 830 min 130

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