Amazone | Cenius-TX Trailed Cultivator


A third of all input and machinery costs on farms can be allocated to soil tillage and cultivation. Increasing prices for Inputs and the again low producer prices are exacerbating the situation even further.

When it comes to the question of choosing an implement, many farms are looking for a tool that will not only help to reduce establishment costs but also be as versatile as possible. The solution can be found in the Cenius mulch cultivator range.

With the mounted Cenius in working widths of 3 m, 3.5 m, 4 m, the trailed Cenius-2T mulch cultivator in 4 m working width or the Cenius TX in working widths of 4 m, 5 m, 6 m and 7 m, these can be used for shallow stubble work down to the topsoil deep loosening.

Thanks to the different models with varying equipment specifications, the implement can be adjusted to suit nearly every local application. Whether used in conjunction with an active or passive AMAZONE sowing combination, the Cenius mulch cultivator offers a superb entry into conservation tillage.

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• In just one pass, shallow stubble cultivation or deeply loosening soil tillage.
• Cenius C-Mix Super tine segment with pressure spring overload safety protection giving a release force of more than 600 kg plus.
• Soil tillage in wet conditions is easily possible without a following roller – and that includes loosening tines behind the wheels.
• High manoeuvrability on the headland and safe driving behaviour on the road thanks to the over-dimensioned centre running gear.
• Maximum flow through due to optimally designed row spacing of the tine section.
• Infinitely-variable hydraulic depth adjustment of the tine segment and easy mechanical adjustment of the levelling section – for the comfortable adjustment in the cab with clear, easy-to-read scales.
• Reduction in wheel slip, by applying up to 1,500 kg more weight onto the tractor’s rear axle with traction assistance.
• Intensive mixing of the soil and a reliable depth control yet, at the same time, minimum amount of fuel consumed.

Model Working
Width (m)
Depth (m)
Number of Tines Tine
Spacing (mm)
Number of Discs Disc diameter (mm) Power Required From (kW)
Cenius 5003-2TX 5 80 - 300 17 294 16 460 180
Cenius 7003-2TX 7 80 - 300 25 280 24 460 300
Cenius 4003-2TX 4 80 - 300 13 308 10 460 150
Cenius 6003-2TX 6 80 - 300 21 286 18 460 260

* Refer to the price list to see the optional extras.