ZG-TS Fertiliser Spreaders

For large farms, agricultural contractors and farm overlapping operations, AMAZONE offers, with its ZG-TS, a high-capacity large area spreader for the quick and precise application of mineral fertilisers. The ZA-TS is characterised by its outstanding precision and huge output made possible by the TS spreading System with integrated AutoTS boundary spreading system. Convenient operation is made possible via the ISOBUS operator terminal, such as, for example, AMATRON+, CCI 100 or AMAPAD and is available with two hopper sizes – 5500 and 8200 litre.

The ZG-TS is equipped with an 8-fold part-width section control as a standard feature. The ZG-TS Hydro controls the part width sections via a spread rate and rev. speed adaptation and can also be accessed via GPS.

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Product Description

Model Hopper Capacity (ℓ) Max Payload (kg) Filling Height (m) Working Width (m) Power Required (kW)
ZG-TS 5500 Hydro 5 500 5 900 – 7 700 2,26 – 3,10 10-52 60
ZG-TS 8200 Hydro 8 200 5 800 – 9 800 2,26 – 3,10 10-52 75
*Depending on tyres used

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