ZA-X Fertiliser Spreaders

The Amazone ZA-XW Perfect is best suited for use with special crops, e.g. vineyards and orchards. The narrow hopper has a width of only 1 m, which prevents tendril damage in vineyards, and a low filling height of just 93 cm.

The Amazone ZA-X Perfect is suitable for small to medium-sized farms. The shallow hopper, with its steep walls, allows a low filling height of 91 cm and guarantees even fertiliser flow.

All ZA-X spreaders have a maintenance-free oil-immersed gearbox with integrated overload safety protection. Independent hydraulic shutter control is standard. A two-row spreading attachment (2 to 5 m working width), which leads to considerable savings in fertiliser application between the rows, is available as an optional extra.

All Amazone spreaders have a set of Omnia discs with easily adjustable vanes for normal spreading and late top-dressing and border spreading and require no tools to calibrate.

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Product Description

Model Hopper Capacity
Optional Hopper Extensions
Max Payload (kg) Filling Height (m) Working Width (m) Power Required (kW) Total Mass (kg)
ZA-XW Perfect 502 500 200 1000 0,93 10-18 35 194
ZA-X Perfect 602 600 250 1800 0,91 10-18 37 212
ZA-X Perfect 902 900 350 1800 0,97 10-18 44 248
ZA-V Super Tronic 1700 1700 600 3200 1,23 10-36 70 505
ZA-V Super Profis Hydro



3200  1,23 10-36 70 505
Optional Extras Compatible Models
Row spreading attachment (2 Row) 2 – 5 m working width ZA-XW 502, ZA-X 602 & 902

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