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ZA-V Fertiliser Spreader

The ZA-V introduces a highly efficient fertiliser spreader which has been designed especially for high operational speeds of up to 30 km/h. ISOBUS communication, weigh cell technology (Profis) and many other innovations make the ZA-V one of the most state-of-the-art fertiliser spreaders of its class.

Using ISOBUS communication, 8-fold part-width section control via spread rate adaptation comes as standard on both the mechanically driven ZA-V Tronic and hydraulically driven ZA-V Profis Hydro, with the Hydro model being able to handle 16-fold part-width section control in automatic mode due to disc speed control. Automatic part-width section control is still via the well-known Amazone GPS-Switch software or alternatively compatible third party ISOBUS terminals. For the safe and precise border, side and water course spreading the ZA-V Tronic can be equipped with the optional Limiter V+ border spreading device which can be set to an unprecedented degree of accuracy. On the other hand, border spreading with the ZA-V Profis Hydro is obtained via disc speed control by the press of a button on the terminal, easy and convenient.

The high outputs of up to 390 kg/min and a maximum working width of 36 m allow areas of up to 33 ha/h to be covered. The strong frame with its favourable centre of gravity characterises the ZA-V as a robust mounted implement. The high quality, deep pressed hopper is manufactured in one piece and ensures an optimum fertiliser flow. The ZA-V Tronic will be available with a hopper capacity of 1700 l and the ZA-V Profis Hydro, 2000 l. An optional 600 l extension is available on both models to increase the capacity to 2300 l and 2600 l respectively.

As with the ZA-TS the ultra-modern spreading unit of the ZA-V has been developed utilising three dimensional spread patterns, ensuring the perfect lateral distribution. With up to 20 % more throwing width, compared with other twin disc spreaders in its class, the spread patterns are even more consistent and more precise. 

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