ZA-M Fertiliser Spreaders

The Amazone ZA-M Spreader is fitted with SBS (Soft Ballistic System) and is suitable for farms of all sizes. The spreader has a robust frame, a low filling height and a double-tipped twin hopper with optimum hopper shape for continuous flow monitoring. All ZA-M spreaders have maintenance-free oil-immersed gearboxes with integrated overload safety protection, as well as a double shutter system for optimal spread-rate settings. Folding and lockable sieves against foreign particles are standard.

Additional optional extras are available, but only on certain models. These extras include a hopper cover, an electronic package for automatic spread-rate control and an electro-hydraulic drive (AMATRON+) with an on-board weighing system; it is compatible with most 3rd-party GPS systems for site-specific fertilisation and GPS-Switch Ready(automatic on/off and section control).

All Amazone Spreaders have a set of Omnia discs with easily adjustable vanes for normal spreading and late top-dressing and require no tools to calibrate. The Omnia disc sets are interchangeable on all ZA-M spreaders. Effective boundary spreading is made possible by the fitting of a limiter on all hydrostatic disc drives. A calibration device and comprehensive setting chart for all kinds of fertiliser, as well as a calculating disc rule are included.

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Product Description

Model Hopper Capacity
Optional Hopper Extensions
ZA-M 1001 Special 1000 500 1800 1,07 10-36 45
ZA-M 1501 Special 1500 n/a 1800 1,21 10-36 60
ZA-M 1501 1500 500/1000 3100 1,14 10-36 65
ZA-M 1501 *Tronic 1500 500/1000 3100 1,14 18-36 65
ZA-M 1501 **Profis Hydro 1500 500/1000 3100 1,15 18-36 65
*Automatic spread rate control and GPS compatible
**Automatic spread rate control, automatic section control with auto on-off headland control and GPS switch ready

FREE Amazone FertiliserService APP

The precise values for the shutter slide opening, spreading discs angle and more can be accessed with the FREE Amazone FertiliserService App.

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