Votex Shredders

Falcon imports a range of Votex-FLV shredders which are specifically designed for pulverising orchard prunings and field brush cuttings, chopping the heaviest materials and leaving just a fine mulch behind. The shredders can mulch wood and debris up to 100 mm thick. Working widths range from 1,25 to 2,25 m and the implements can be centrally mounted or offset. The FLV’s are built with a large-diameter rotor, heavy “claw” flails, a low enclosed double-skinned hood and rear tines. They have V-belt drive systems and are fully adjustable, with no idler necessary. The rotor hood has a low profile and is shaped to follow the contours of the ground, so that damage to low branches are avoided and stones or other objects cannot be thrown from under the hood.

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Product Description

Model Width of Cut (m) Number
of Fail Hammers
Power Required
Total Mass
Dimensions Cutting Height
Min/Max (mm)
Length/Width (mm)
FLV-150 1,5 12 22 517 1 200 1 670 20/120
FLV-175 1,75 14 26 572 1 200 1 920 20/120
FLV-200 2,0 16 29 627 2 350 2 170 20/120
FLV-225 2,25 18 45-65 690 2 400 2 420 20/120

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