UX Trailed Field Sprayers

The UX Trailed Sprayer is a comparatively light, compact sprayer with a low centre of gravity. The tank is made from polyethylene, which makes it very strong and durable. It is also fitted with three rotation nozzles that can clean the internal wall of the tank. The drawbar is equipped with a shock absorber which minimises the transfer of movements between the tractor and sprayer and in turn protects the booms and gives a more comfortable driver experience.

The UX Special is equipped with a 280 l/min single pump system, and suited for various size farms that require a sprayer with a 3 600 or 4 600 l maximum tank capacity, and boom widths of 15 to 28 m. The UX Super is equipped with a bigger 430 or 530 l/min tandem pump system and is suited for areas where an increased pump capacity is required with large working widths from 24 m and high spray rates of 250 l/ha and upwards. The optional extras available on certain models include distance control, foam markers, AMASPRAY 3 on-board computer and AMATRON 3 on-board computer also compatible with most 3rd-party GPS systems for site-specific spraying, and GPS-Switch Ready (automatic on/off and section control).

All sprayers are supplied to your custom-design specification, ready for work.

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Product Description

Model Tank Capacity
Working Width
Power Required
UX 3200 3600 15-40 75
UX 4200 4600 15-40 85
UX 5200 5600 15-40 95
UX 6200 6600 15-40 110
Optional extras Compatible models
Super L-boom (24,27,27/15,28,28/15,30/15, 32,33,36,39 & 40 m) All UX models
Super S-boom (15,16,18,20,21/15,24,27 & 28 m) All UX models
GPS compatible Some UX models,
Only with Amatron 3
Distance control Only with Amatron 3
Drawbar or Axle steering All UX models
Foam markers All UX models
Hydropneumatic suspension Only with Amatron 3