UG Trailed Field Sprayers

The UG Trailed Field Sprayer is the ideal entry level trailed sprayer programme, as its a lightweight sprayer with scope for optional extras. The Amazone UG trailed field sprayer is available with tank capacities of 2 400 to 3 200 l and boom working widths from 15 to 28 m. The important advantages offered by this sprayer are powerful pumps, the most up-to-date operator-friendly valve chests and computer technology.

The Super-S boom folds fully automated, in and out via hydraulic rams. In the transporting position, the boom sits compactly behind the tank with a transporting width of only 2,4 m and a transporting height of 2,9 m (tyre-size-dependent). The multiple-folded steel profiles of up to 140 mm wide make the Super-S boom extremely robust.

The optional extras available on certain models include distance control, foam markers, AMASPRAY+ on-board computer and AMATRON 3 on-board computer which is also compatible with most 3rd-party GPS systems for site-specific spraying, and GPS-Switch Ready (automatic on/off and section control).

All sprayers are supplied to your custom-design specification, ready for work.

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Product Description

Model Tank Capacity
Working Width
Power Required
UG 2200 2400 15-28 65
UG 3000 3200 15-28 75


Optional extras Compatible models
Super S-boom
(15,16,18,20,21/15,24,27 & 28 m)
All UG models
GPS compatible Some UG models (Only with Amatron 3)
Distance control Some UG models (Only Super S-boom & Amatron 3)
Drawbar steering All UG models
Foam markers All UG models