UF Mounted Field Sprayers

The Amazone UF Mounted Field Sprayer has a special profile design for the sprayer booms, which makes it light yet stable, and possible to work with smaller tractors.

This sprayer is also available in combination with the FT 1001 front tank, which will increase the capacity of the sprayer by 1 000 l to 2 800 l. In this way the bigger size series combines the advantages of the mounted and trailed sprayers in one implement. Particularly on smaller areas, they impress with their manoeuvrability and simple handling while still achieving high hectare efficiency. The Super-S boom is fully automated, folding in and out via hydraulic arms. In the transporting position the boom sits compactly behind the tank with a transporting width of only 2,4 m and a transporting height of 2,9 m on a standard tractor.

The optional extras available on certain models include distance control, foam markers, AMASET+ control box, AMASPRAY+ on-board computer and AMATRON+ on-board computer which is also compatible with most 3rd-party GPS systems for site-specific spraying, and GPS-Switch Ready (automatic on/off and section control).

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Product Description

Model Tank Capacity
Optional Front tank (ℓ) Max Capacity (ℓ) Working Width
Power Required
UF 901 1050 1000 2050 12-28 60
UF 1201 1350 1000 2350 12-28 65
UF 1501 1720 1000 2720 12-28 90
UF 1801 1980 1000 2980 12-28 95


Optional extras Compatible models
FT 1001 All UF models
Q-Plus sprayer boom (12/12.5 & 15) All UF models
Super S-boom (15,16,18,20,21/15,24,27 & 28 m) All UF models
GPS compatible Some UF models (Only with Amatron+)
Distance control Some UF models (Only Super S-boom & Amatron+)
Foam markers All UF models


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