Side Discharge Mulchers

The Falcon Side Discharge Mulcher is the ideal implement for cutting and mowing cover crops, turning unwanted prunings into organic fertiliser in the form of mulch. The implement mulches the material and throws it out to the side, back under the trees, leaving a clean row between the trees, and a mulch blanket under the trees. The mulching process minimises the need for artificial fertilisers and sprays. The Falcon Side Discharge Mulcher is not limited to being used only in orchards; it can also be used for general slashing purposes.

The Side Discharge Mulcher comes with a chute cover, so that the branches slide gently over the cover instead of hitting the chute directly, thereby eliminating fruit damage. The cover can be removed if preferred.

There is also a chute off-set feature which allows the chute to be set back by 100 mm, making the implement narrower and thereby allowing it to cut in narrow orchards or vineyard rows without causing damage to the crops. The chute is adjustable, so that itcan be set to discharge material at the required distance.

Paddle blades can be fitted to the mulcher, which allows this implement to successfully cut, mulch and discharge crops such as lucerne, grass and millet, which can be extremely moist. By changing the blades, depending on the application, the Falcon Side Discharge Mulcher can be used all year round.

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Product Description

Model Width of cut
Blades Gearbox Slip Clutch Total Mass
Dimensions Cutting Height
Length/Width (mm) Min/Max (mm)
F80/150SD 1,5 6 F80 Standard 621 1780 1905 0/130
F80/180SD 1,8 6 F80 Standard 680 2020 2150 0/130
F80/150SD with paddle blades 1,5 6 F80 Standard 615 1780 1905 0/130
F80/180SD with paddle blades 1,8 6 F80 Standard 683 2020 2150 0/130


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