The Falcon Rotavator is the most efficient means of transmitting engine power directly to the soil with no wheel slip and with a major reduction in transmission power loss. Applications include seedbeds preparation – from coarse to fine, on uncultivated, ripped or ploughed soil, green manuring, fertiliser incorporation, weeding, stubble- mulching, planting kikuyu grass, preparing playing fields, landscaping and soil stabilisation for roads.

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Product Description

Model Total Mass (kg) Tractor (kW) Working Width(m) Dimensions
Lenght/Width (mm)
F125 Rotavator 549 35-60 1280 960 1490
F150 Rotavator 596 42-60 1530 960 1760
F175 Rotavator 645 45-60 1780 960 2030
F200 Rotavator 698 48-60 2030 960 2300

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