The Falcon Rollermower is a low cost implement suitable for the maintenance of all turf areas from lawns to polo fields. It is designed to give a neat and even cut safely. It is an ideal implement to creating a “Wembley” effect after mowing. Wembley effect is an advantage with regard to the aesthetics of sports fields, golf courses or parks. This effect is achieved by the rollers pushing thegrass first in one direction and then in the opposite direction during cutting. The Falcon Rollermower runs on full-width rollers with domed end caps so that it achieves a “Wembley finish”, without any damage to the turf.

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Product Description

Model Width of cut (m) Blades Gearbox Slip Clutch Total Mass (kg) Dimensions Cutting Height
Lenght/Width (mm) Min/Max (mm)
F25/90RM 0,9 3 F25 Optional 185 1330 1100 0/100
F25/120RM 1,2 3 F25 Optional 238 1580 1380 0/100
F40/120RM 1,2 4 F40 Standard 345 1600 1370 0/100
F40/150RM 1,5 4 F40 Standard 472 1730 1950 0/100
F50/150RM 1,5 4 F50 Standard 493 1730 1950 0/100
F50/180RM 1,8 4 F50 Standard 595 2370 2060 0/100


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