The Falcon Limespreader is a tractor-drawn, wheel-driven implement with adjustable apertures at the bottom of the hopper. It has no PTO drive or gears, making it easy to use and keeping maintenance costs to a minimum. The tyres have an 8-ply radial construction and are suited for use on rough terrain.
The spread rate is controlled by a lever, which is also used to shut off the flow of lime at the headland. Two agitation shafts with paddles driven directly by the wheels ensure an even flow. The lime is discharged approximately 28,5 cm above ground level, limiting wind drift. The filling height of 98 cm makes it easy to refill.

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Product Description

Model Capacity
Working Width
Total Mass
F400 Mounted Limespreader 400 2,4 380 30 – 45
F500 Trailed Limespreader 500 3,0 480 30 – 45

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