haymaker small

Haymaker® Small

The Falcon F40/120V Haymaker® is a multi-purpose rotary cutter for smaller tractors (35 kW to 50 kW). This implement can successfully cut hay and also tackle other cutting jobs around the farm. The F40/120V Haymaker® has a round, low-impact blade disc that can be fitted with either two or four 360°-swinging blades. Two blades are more efficient for hy6a-cutting because they produce a crop that has been cut only once.

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Product Description

Model Width of cut (m) Blades Gearbox Slip Clutch Total Mass Dimensions Cutting Height
Length/Width (mm) Min/Max (mm)
F40/120V 1,2 4 1050 Standard 345 1480 1420 10/120


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