Haymaker® Intermediate

The Falcon Haymakers® range has by far the largest share of the haymaking market.

V vs. EV

There are two versions of the implements with 1,5 m and 1,8 m cutting widths: the V (Veld Cutter) and the EV (Extended Veld Cutter). The deck of the EV is ±300 mm wider on the left-hand side then the V equivalent. This design allows for a larger space for the cuttings to move out of the blade path into a windrow. This configuration further reduces the possibility of double chopping and creates a bigger and wider windrow, which assists the baling process.

In the case of lucerne and teff (softer grass) we recommend the EV, which is fitted with specially designed high-lift blades (H1460) that create a vacuum which will lift the material and also direct in into a window. This will result in a cleaner and more effective cut.

V vs. VH

There are also two versions of the Haymaker® with a 2 m cutting width: the V (Veld Cutter) and the VH (Veld Cutter with BlowermowerTM blades). The V is fitted with the standard banana Haymaker® blades and the VH is fitted with BlowermowerTM blades. The VH is the ideal implement to cut tufted or heavy grasses, like blue buffalo grass, which tend to lie flat when it gets long.

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Product Description

Model Width of cut (m) Blades Gearbox Slip Clutch Total Mass Dimensions Cutting Height
Length/Width (mm) Min/Max (mm)
F80/150V 1,5 2 F80 Standard 513 1830 1730 40/155
F80/150EV 1,5 2 F80 Standard 557 1830 2050 40/155
F80/180V 1,8 2 F80 Standard 553 1960 2040 40/155
F80/180EV 1,8 2 F80 Standard 610 1960 2350 40/155
F80/200V 1,8 2 F80 Standard 656 2250 2260 40/155
F80/200VH 2,0 2 F80 Standard 656 2250 2260 40/155


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