The Falcon Grassmulcher™ is designed for one-pass maintenance of sports grounds and parks. It overcomes collection problems and is designed to give a perfect finish safely in public areas. The cutting chamber is fully enclosed and designed to recycle and recut the grass to leave a mulch spread the full width of the implement. The cutting gear consists of a round, low-impact blade disc with four special cranked and lipped blades that swing through 360 ̊.This system ensures that the blades remain perfectly horizontal at all times, avoiding scalping when the speed of the cutting disc is slow.

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Product Description

Model Width of cut (m) Blades Gearbox Slip Clutch Total Mass (kg) Dimensions Cutting Height
Lenght/Width (mm) Min/Max (mm)
F25/120GM 1,2 4 F25 Optional 309 1700 1410 10/100
F40/150GM 1,5 4 F40 Standard 475 1950 1710 10/100
F50/180GM 1,8 4 F50 Standard 650 2370 2030 10/100



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