Bedforming can be undertaken simultaneously with the cultivation operation. Adjustable forming elements, mounted on the frame of the rotavator, create a bed at the width required for particular crop and the rear flap leaves a perfect level bed so that planting can commence immediately. A range of bedformers are available in all the above-mentioned sizes, making the process of forming beds easier, quicker and more precise. The F175 and F200 also have a bedformer with an additional central former which allows you to create two, narrower seedbeds in a single pass. This bedformer was specifically developed to assist vegetable farmers who required additional row spacing.

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Product Description

Bedformers for Rotavators Total Mass (kg) Dimensions
Length/Width (mm)
Bedformer for F125 120 1420 1650
Bedformer for F150 130 1420 1900
Bedformer for F175 140 1420 2150
Bedformer for F200 150 1420 2400
Bedformer with central furrow form for F175 196 1420 2150
Bedformer with central furrow form for F200 206 1420 2400

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