Bale Handling

The Falcon Bale Fork is a low-cost implement for in-field loading of hay bales and their transportation to the bale storage area.
The Falcon Bale Fork Loader is used to stack hay bales in the storage area. The maximum lift height to the centre of the bale is 2.7 m.
Important to note
The bale fork loader should not be used as a transporter as this could result in damage to the loader and possibly early failure. The bale fork should be separated from the loader when used to transport bales.

Product Description

Model Lifting Capacity (kg) Lifting Height (m)* Mass (kg)
Bale Fork 750 48
Bale Fork Loader with 2.7m lift 500 2.7 144
Long beam and carrier mast assembly 500 96
*Varies depending on tractor size