NEW – The Amazone Ceus-2TX trailed disc harrow cultivator combination now available in South Africa

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Falcon Agricultural Equipment is very excited to announce the launch into the South African market,  a new Amazone implement into its Soil Tillage range. The Ceus-2TX trailed disc harrow cultivator combination, in working widths of 4 m to 7 m, is the most flexible soil tillage implement in the sector. Different cultivating and land preparation systems require special implements for various conditions and different seasonal operations. After harvesting it can be necessary to cultivate stubble, at high speed and or possibly incorporate the straw or maize residue. One may also want to plant a catch crop or even incorporate a growing catch crop or crop stubble.

Amazone has the solution to all these tasks with the CEUS combination tined cultivator and compact disc harrow. This unique implement is capable of stubble cultivation at depths of 30 to 120 mm, medium depth intensive mixing and tillage from 120 to 200 mm and topsoil loosening from 200 to 300 mm. The CEUS performs the applications of both the Amazone Catros and the Cenius in one pass. The compact discs in the front cut and break the soil and the following tines, till and loosen the ground. Levelling rollers at the rear ensure an even, level seedbed. The implement can be run with either of the main components raised out of work. 400 mm tine spacing ensures excellent material flow and a relatively low power requirement. Under frame clearance is 800 mm with overload protection set at 600 kg, additional protection is provided by shear bolts. Working widths go from 4 to 7 m and a variety of points and sweeps, from 40 to 350 mm wide, is available, including especially hard-faced options.

Benefits at a glance:

  • In just one pass, shallow cutting and deeply loosening soil tillage
  • Independent operation is possible with either just the disc segment or with the tine segment
  • Catros+disc segment with maintenance-free disc bearings, stone safety protection via sprung rubber buffers and individual disc suspension
  • Cenius Super tine segment with pressure spring overload safety protection giving a release force of more than 600 kg plus an additional shear bolt for added peace of mind.
  • Soil tillage in wet conditions is easily possible without a following roller – and that includes loosening tines behind the wheels
  • High manoeuvrability on the headland and good driving behaviour on the road thanks to the over-dimensioned centre running gear
  • Maximum flow through due to optimally designed row spacing of the tine section
  • Infinitely-variable mechanical depth adjustment
  • Optional hydraulic depth adjustment of the disc and tine segment and of the levelling section – for the comfortable adjustment in the cab with clear, easy-to-read scales
  • Intensive mixing of the soil and a reliable depth control yet, at the same time, minimum amount of fuel consumed

No matter whether shallow or deep

With the Ceus 4000-2TX, 5000-2TX, 6000-2TX and 7000-2TX, AMAZONE introduces a new and flexible operating concept. Ceus combines the operational action of a compact disc harrow for shallow soil tillage with a tine section for deep loosening. This combination makes Ceus-2TX the perfect implement for farms that have to incorporate copious amounts of organic matter, such as grain maize and catch crops or wish to operate very flexibly – both shallow and deep – with just one implement. Operational speeds of 8 to 15 km/h enable
large acreage outputs.

Several working processes in one pass

Anhänge-Scheibeneggen-Grubber-Kombination Ceus-2TX

With the new trailed disc harrow cultivator combination, several operational processes can be combined into one pass. So, the front disc section, with its serrated 510 mm discs, allows shallow operation at working depths of 5 to 14 cm. This is then followed by the tine section, with ist C-Mix Super tines, which can loosen down to a maximum depth of 30 cm. At the same time, during operation, the penetration force of the tine section increases the cutting effect of the front discs.

The front disc section

The front discs distribute the organic matter by intensively cutting and mixing the crop residues on the soil surface. At the same time, a finely crumbled structure occurs within that top soil layer.
This results in both optimum preconditions for straw decomposition as well as producing very good germination and growing conditions. The discs are individually suspended and protected from damage via sprung rubber mountings that also ensure good ground contour adaptation. The maintenance-free, oil-immersed bearings on the discs are identical with those found on the Catros compact disc harrows and have been proven many tens of thousand times over. The disc stagger of 12.5 cm and the steep 17° angle of attack on the front row of discs and 14° at the rear row ensure an overall tilling effect and a perfect mixing-in of organic matter.
Adjustment of the depth of the disc section is carried out via a parallelogram linkage, whereby the penetration intensity can be changed by twisting the disc section. Also, even at the maximum working depth of the tine section, by setting the disc section in the upper most position they can be raised out of work completely. So, deep loosening is also possible without utilising the disc section, reducing the pulling power and saving fuel.

Tine section for deep loosening

Anhänge-Scheibeneggen-Grubber-Kombination Ceus-2TXThe following tine section makes possible loosening of the deeper soil layers down to 30 cm. However, also a shallow operation is possible so that, under moist, heavy conditions, the share tips run just beneath the working depth of the disc harrow. In this way, the soil horizon is loosened and a rougher structure in the soil is created noticeably reducing the danger of capping on these types of soil.
For use on the tine section, the entire AMAZONE C-Mix share system is available. With its row spacing of approximately 40 cm, the Ceus proves to be especially easy to pull and with a simultaneous good passage of organic matter, even when deep loosening. The C-Mix-Super tine is equipped with an overload safety protection with a release force of 600 kg. For carrying out just shallow stubble cultivation, the tine section can be raised out of work completely and the machine operated just with the front disc section.

Levelling unit for an even surface finish

The disc and tine sections are followed by a levelling system which can, from choice, be equipped with either smooth or serrated discs or with spring tine levellers. Also here, sprung rubber mountings serve as the overload protection. For the optimum matching to the next bout, either side tines or discs can be individually adjusted in both height and angle.

Working without a roller

Anhänge-Scheibeneggen-Grubber-Kombination Ceus-2TX

Under very moist conditions, the Ceus-2TX can also be operated without a roller. Then it is no longer guided at the rear on the roller but via the running gear. As a tine always follows behind the vehicle wheels, any track marks are loosened immediately.
Comfortable to use spacers, like on the Cenius-2TX, can be swivelled around the piston rod of the running gear hydraulic cylinder to keep the running gear then at the desired working depth.

Smooth running

To ensure that the machine runs smoothly, also at the larger working widths, and operates at a constant depth, additional pressurised support wheels are integrated into the machine from a working width of 6 m. Again, to loosen the tracks of these wheels, a tine is also fitted behind each wheel.

Excellent manoeuvrability and high-speed transport

Anhänge-Scheibeneggen-Grubber-Kombination Ceus-2TXThe central TX running gear on the Ceus-2TX makes for high manoeuvrability on the headland and comfortable road transport. For even more safety on the road, the 6.0 and 7.0 m wide machines can be optionally equipped with larger 700 mm tyres. Depending on national road traffic regulations, the Ceus-2TX is also permitted to be towed at speeds of up to 40 km/h for quick transport from field to field.

C-Mix Super tines with 600 kg pressure spring overload safety device

C-Mix-Super-Zinken mit 600 kg Druckfeder-ÜberlastsicherungTogether with the overload safety device, the C-Mix Super tine provides the perfect operational performance even when top soil deep loosening. The release force of the pressure spring overload safety device of the C-Mix Super tine exceeds 600 kg and features a lift potential of 30 cm. If this large Lifting space of 30 cm is not sufficient, the C-Mix Super tine offers additional safety via a shear bolt. In this way an efficient and constant operation is possible even under the most arduous conditions.

The heart of the cultivator: the shares

Amazone Anbaugrubber Cenius, Das Herz des Grubbers: Die Schare

The separation of guide plate from the share tip above all serves to reduce wearing metal costs. Depending on soil type, location and soil moisture, 3 to 5 share tips can be worn prior to exchanging the guide plate. The new guide plates on the C-Mix share system are manufactured with a spiral design that ensures, in combination with the Optimum radius of the guide plate, the perfect deflection of the soil flow and thus a very high mixing intensity but yet with a lower power requirement. With the proven C-Mix share system AMAZONE offers a wide range of soil-engaging shares.

C-Mix duck foot share 320 mm with guide plate

Cenius TX C-Mix-Gänsefußschar

– Working depths of 0 to 10 cm
– The specialist for shallow stubble tillage
– Complete surface area disturbance of stubbles and interruption of the capillary water draw
– Shallow surface mixing of volunteer grain and weed seeds
– Intensive mixing effect when used in combination with the C-Mix guide plate


C-Mix wing share 350 mm

Cenius TX, C-Mix-Flügelschar 350 mm

– Working depth of 6 to 15 cm
– Overall cutting off of stubbles and interruption of the capillary water draw
– Shallow surface mixing of volunteer grains and weed seeds
– Intense mixing effect when used in combination with the C-Mix share 80/100 and the guide plate
– Removable wings for use of the C-Mix 80/100 share for deep loosening
– Also available as HD share tip (heavy duty) version – for especially high operational efficiency and additional reduction of operational costs

C-Mix share 100 mm with guide plate

Cenius TX: C-Mix-Spitze 100 mm mit Leitblech 100 mm

– Working depth 11 to 30 cm
– Universal operation from stubble work down to primary soil tillage
– For the use on very light soils with good flow behaviour to improve the mixing effect
– Intensive soil movement, distinct mixing effect when used in combination with spiral guide plate

C-Mix share 80 mm with guide plate

Cenius TX: C-Mix-Spitze 80 mm mit Leitblech 80 mm

– Working depth of 16 to 30 cm
– For primary soil tillage at medium down to full top soil depth. Intensive loosening and straw incorporation via spiral guide plate
– In combination with the C-Mix wing share 350 mm also for operation in stubble tillage
– The share is tapered in its width to 50 mm at the tip resulting in:
– Perfect entry force even under the most arduous of conditions
– Simultaneously the material thickness is increased at the share tip by 20%
– Improved protection against wear

C-Mix HD share 80 mm

Amazone Mulchgrubber cenius, C-Mix-HD-Schar 80 mm

– Working depth of 16 to 30 cm
– High wear-resistant version (HD – Heavy Duty)
– One-piece share with spiral guide plate for intensive incorporation
– In combination with the 350 mm C-Mix wing share also usable for stubble work
– Maintains the working depth throughout the whole working life, no readjustment of the working depth required
– Reduced system costs thanks to a substantially longer service life and more infrequent share changes
– Also available as HD share tip (heavy duty Version – for especially high operational Efficiency and additional reduction of operating costs

C-Mix share 40 mm

Amazone C-Mix-Schar 40 mm

– Narrow share for working depths from 16 to 30 cm
– Loosens the soil with little traction power requirement
– Only slight digging up of clods to the surface
– Less traction power requirement at top soil deep loosening with large working width
– Ideal in combination with XTender and fertiliser supply tines
– Also available as HD share tip (heavy duty version – for especially high operational efficiency and additional reduction of operating costs

Quick, safe and cost-effective

Amazone Anbaugrubber Cenius, Schnellwechselsystem C-Mix-ClipWith the C-Mix Clip quick change system, AMAZONE now also offers a system that enables a (virtually) tool-less, and above all, simpler, quicker and very comfortable share exchange.

Like the well-known C-Mix shares, the C-Mix Clip system consists of a guide plate with a tip. However, on the C-Mix Clip system, the guide plate is fixed to the tine and the tip is attached to the quick change system. After the initial, simple fitting of the C-Mix Clip carrier onto the tine, different share tips, specific to the relevant application, can be quickly fixed with the aid of an easily removable locking pin. The locking pin is guided at the back of the tine through a hollow screw and thus keeps the relevant share tip safely on the C-Mix Clip carrier.
The separation of guide plate from the share tip above all serves to reduce wearing metal costs. Depending on soil type, location and soil moisture, 3 to 5 share tips can be worn prior to exchanging the guide plate. The new guide plates on the C-Mix share system are manufactured with a spiral design that ensures, in combination with the Optimum radius of the guide plate, the perfect deflection of the soil flow and thus a very high mixing intensity but yet with a lower power requirement.
Depending on the application, AMAZONE offers three different share tips. The 80 mm wide C-Mix Clip share tip, the 100 mm wide C-Mix Clip share tip and the C-Mix Clip duck foot share that covers 320 mm. The 80 mm and 100 mm C-Mix Clip shares can also be used in conjunction with the 350 mm wing shares and thus give a complete overall soil movement when stubble tilling.

Spring levelling tines


When used on areas with light soil and low straw content, the Cenius can be equipped with the more cost-effective spring steel closers. These spring steel closers are lighter than the levelling discs and feature a spring steel overload safety device. For an Optimum matching up at either side, either the adjustable outer spring elements, or the lower-cost rigid outer closers are available.

Levelling discs


For use in medium to heavy soils, the levelling discs behind the tines are recommended, these are, from choice, in either a smooth or serrated execution. The smooth 460 mm diameter levelling discs are ideally suited for operation on medium to heavy soils but where there is just an average amount of straw prevailing. The serrated 460 mm diameter levelling discs provide an increased mixing effect over the smooth levelling discs and provide a consistent drive, even where there are large amounts of straw.

Reliable disc bearings

Zuverlässige Scheibenlagerung

The individual concave discs are mounted via rubber spring elements and thus feature a maintenance-free overload safety device. The bearings of the discs are, of course, maintenance-free.

Cenius slide seal

Amazone Anhängegrubber Cenius, Cenius-GleitringdichtungWith no need to lubricate the disc bearings, this results in a significantly reduced overall maintenance time. Face seals have been used for decades in road construction equipment where the rollers on the running gear of caterpillar-tracked vehicles have to be effectively sealed and continue to work absolutely reliably under the  toughest of operational conditions.

The benefits:

  • Optimal levelling via spring levelling tines or levelling discs, either smooth or serrated
  • Side discs available with individual height and angle adjustment providing a level finish between passes
  • Maintenance-free disc bearings with slide seals and life-long lubrication
  • Maintenance-free stone safety protection via rubber sprung buffer blocks comes as standard

Linkage for Cenius-2TX and Ceus-2TX

Amazone Mulchgrubber Cenius TX - AnhängungThe flanged linkage means the maximum flexibility of choice. So, for any tractor the suitable linkage system can be selected; no matter whether a lower link cross shaft in Cat. III, IV, V, different pulling eyes or the K80 ball coupling.

The table below is a helpful guide on the C-Mix share system:


The video below shows the Ceus TX Super in action:


If you are interested in finding out more about the Ceus or to find out about a demo taking place in your area please be in touch with one of our authorised dealers.


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