Material Handling Implements & Attachments that are built to last

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Falcon has become known in the agricultural industry in South Africa as the benchmark for quality, durability and safety of locally manufactured rotary cutters and various other agricultural implements. The company has built a very strong reputation amongst it’s customers and competitors, of reliability, durability and implements that are tough and “built to last”. Their range of material handling implements are no different and offer farmers a range of versatile implements required on almost every farm.

The Bale Handling equipment includes a Bale Fork and a Bale Fork-loader. The Bale Fork is a low-cost implement for in-field loading of hay bales up to a maximum weight of 750 kg and their transportation to the bale storage area. The Bale Fork-loader is used to stack hay bales with a maximum weight of 500 kg, in the storage area up to a lift height of 2,7 m (this varies slightly depending on the tractor size).

A more recent addition to the Bale Handling range are two dedicated attachments for Q-fit® equipped JCB-equipment. The Q-fit® system offers fast fitment and quick and easy changeover of attachments. The attachments include a Bag Handler, which is designed for lifting bulk bags such as fertiliser and feed bag handling, and a Bale Fork, which is a low-cost implement for in-field loading and transportation of hay bales. The bag handler has a lifting capacity of 1000 kg and the Bale Fork, 750 kg.

The extremely versatile Falcon Uniloader® is a very popular implement for its ability to load and stack both round and square bales as well as taking
 on other general loading and lifting jobs around the farm such as the lifting and moving of drums, placing pipes into ditches and moving machinery. It is reliable, efficient and cost-effective substitute for frontend loaders. The unique design allows the Uniloader® to transport bales and other items around the farm. The mast is simply lowered to rest on the support brackets, and the tractor linkage then raises the Uniloader® so that the item is clear of the ground. The standard two-spool valve fitted to most modern tractors operates the lifting and levelling cylinders. However, the necessary operating valves can be supplied for older tractors. The Uniloader® is fitted with telescopic legs and can be parked freestanding and ready to be easily hitched to the tractor when required.

Falcon offers two models, the F750 Uniloader® and the F1000 Uniloader®. Depending on which tractor is used, the Falcon F750 Uniloader® can lift up to 750 kg to a height of 3,4 m, and the F1000 Uniloader® can lift up to 1 000 kg to a height of 4,5 m. The F1000 Uniloader® has three attachments: the cruciform for lifting bulk bags, eg: fertiliser bags; the fork attachment for hay bales, and the swivel hook for general lifting tasks.

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