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Falcon, the leaders in local manufacture of rotary cutters, offers to the market a range of mulchers and flail cutters to suit a wide variety of applications.

Layer of mulch under orchard trees

In orchards, a layer of material under trees assists in controlling weeds, conserves moisture and provides organic nutrition for subsequent crops. It also minimises the need for artificial fertilisers and sprays. In most orchards, trees are usually pruned after every picking season. Some of the prunings can be up to 60 mm in diameter. Branches are dumped between the rows and if these are removed by hand it becomes highly labour intensive. The Falcon Side Discharge Mulcher offers a highly effective, affordable alternative. It chops up the material into mulch, which is then discharged sideways leaving a band of material under the trees.

The discharge chute of the implement is adjustable, ensuring that the flow of the chopped material can be directed so that it does not damage the fruit, the trunk of the tree or the micro-sprinkler heads. Paddle blades can be fitted to the mulcher, which allows this implement to successfully cut, mulch and discharge crops such as lucerne, grass and millet, which can be extremely moist. By changing the blades, depending on the application, the Falcon Side Discharge Mulcher can be used all year round. The chute can also be adjusted making the implement narrower and thereby allowing it to cut in narrow orchards or vineyard rows without causing damage to the crops. It is available in 1,5 m and 1,8 m working width. The side discharge mulcher is also not limited to being used only in orchards, it can also be used for general slashing.

Optimising grass regrowth

The key to better regrowth is a program of regular pasture topping after grazing which improves regrowth dramatically. For the dairy farmer or anyone looking to optimise field productivity, the Falcon Fieldmulcher™ is the solution. The design of the Fieldmulcher™, including the body of the implement and the unique blades, ensures that material that has been cut is retained and recycled until it is chopped into short lengths. The implement then spreads the mulched material over the full width of the cut leaving a layer of finely chopped grass that is quickly desiccated by the sun and absorbed into the turf, encouraging quick regrowth and improved palpability.

No-till pasture renovation

The Fieldmulcher™ is also used as an aid in establishing ryegrass at the end of the kikuyu season. The seed is broadcast and then the dead kikuyu is mulched, which combines the seed with the residue of the dead grass. Irrigation will guarantee excellent germination of the ryegrass, providing a no-till method of pasture renovation at a very competitive cost. The Fieldmulcher™ is available in working widths of 1,5 m and 1,8 m.

Mulching Maize and Wheat residue and complete versatility

With ever-increasing crop yields, large amounts of crop residue are an ongoing issue for many farmers. Mixing the residual stubble into the soil to increase the amount of organic matter is important, however the stubble needs to be effectively mulched first. The Falcon Flail Cutters are very effective at breaking down wheat and maize stubble, but are also a very universal range of implements which are intended for pasture maintenance, mulching of prunings in orchards, general bush clearing, maintenance of roadways and other public amenities. Available in a range of sizes from 1,5 m through to 2,3 m, they are the most versatile of all the implements and can be adjusted to suit any of these applications.

Whatever your mulching requirements, Falcon has an implement that can do the job.

Designed and fabricated for the tough conditions in Southern Africa, Falcon implements are tough, reliable and durable and built to stand the test of time, generation after generation. For more information visit one of the authorized dealers or visit

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