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The last thirty years has seen the average power of tractors on South African farms increase by 33% from under 60kW to about 80kW.

This has been matched by an increase in the size of implements, with the objective of improving operating efficiency and productivity. Falcon Agricultural Equipment, based in Howick, has followed this trend and introduced a number of larger versions of its tried and tested rotary cutters. It has also designed and manufactured a range of flail cutters to suit the current most popular tractor sizes.


Falcon F60-450 Flexwing

The Falcon Flexwing rotary cutter is proving to be very popular

The largest rotary cutter manufactured in South Africa is the Falcon F60-450 Flexwing. Designed specifically to cope with tough local conditions and cutting 4.5 metres wide, it is highly productive and at the same time, like all Falcon built equipment, durable and reliable.



Falcon F60-300T trailed slasher

Three metre wide slashers, both mounted and trailed

Falcon slashers have established a reputation for efficiency and reliability. The new trailed version of the twin rotor 3.0 metre model can be handled by a smaller tractor than the mounted version and offers a machine that can give high a high work rate, a clean cut and the utmost reliability.

The iconic ‘Haymaker®’ is now capable of cutting 3.5 metres

‘Goes to the field, does the job, no problem’ this is the reputation that the Falcon Haymaker®, South Africa’s favourite hay cutting machine, has created over the past 30 years. Now available as a twin rotor unit cutting 3.5 metres, in both mounted and trailed configuration, it enables, what in this day and age is a modestly sized tractor, to cut a vast amount of hay in a day.

Falcon F80-350VT trailed Haymaker®

Falcon 230 Flailcutter

The Falcon Flailcutter currently goes up to 2.3 metres

The all new Falcon Flailcutter range is capable of a wide variety of cutting and mulching operations, including pasture maintenance and the mulching of prunings in orchards as well as desiccating crop residues such as maize stover and wheat straw.






Wider ground-engaging implements

The trend to wider implements is even more pronounced with cultivating equipment. Here productivity is also improved by designing the implements to work faster. Ground engaging tools that can do an efficient job at higher speeds are not only more productive, they also create less stress on the transmission of the tractor. The equipment, supplied by Amazone, which Falcon distributes in Southern Africa, represents the latest in implement technology.

Amazone Cenius

Cutting the cost of cultivation

Recent estimates claim that a third of the cost of establishing a crop can be put down to cultivation. Farmers are now looking for versatile implements that can reduce input costs. The Amazone Cenius mulch cultivator fits the bill. The top of the range Cenius TX has working widths up to 7.0 metres and it can be used for shallow stubble work or deep topsoil loosening. Optional equipment can be specified that allows the implement to be used for just about every application.


Amazone Catros

High speed operation, even in heavy crop residues

The Amazone Catros disc harrow is the ideal implement for quick shallow working, incorporating heavy crop residues or organic manure at the same time. Various rollers can be specified to reconsolidate the soil and prepare a perfect seedbed.



Modern technology permits ‘round the clock’ operations

With GPS controlled Autosteer, efficient field planning and lights that turn night into day it is now possible to extend the work day in order to extract maximum production from high-tech equipment.

Working round the clock

Falcon wide was written by Joe Spencer 4/21/2017

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