The Falcon Rotavator and Bedformer – the perfect combination for soil cultivation and seed bed preparation

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The Falcon Rotavator and Bedformer are both designed and manufactured for the tough conditions in Southern Africa. Impacted earth, root bound by weeds, or dense, heavy soils all present problems for planting and the process of getting the land into the best possible condition to plant is often one of the most ardous tasks for any farmer. The ability to combine soil cultivation with bedforming saves time, reduces fuel consumption and improves operational efficiencies. Using the Rotavator and Bedformer combination means that bedforming can be undertaken simultaneously with the cultivation operation.

The value for money (versus imported cultivators) and the versatility, of the locally manufactured Rotovator, make it a very popular choice for the local farmer.

Applications and uses

  • The versatility of the rotavator means it can be used for seedbed preparation – from coarse to fine, on uncultivated, ripped or ploughed soil through to many other applications such as green manuring, fertiliser incorporation, weeding, stubble-mulching, planting kikuyu grass, preparing playing fields, landscaping and soil stabilisation for roads.
  • The Rotavator & Bedformer will produce a perfect seedbed in fewer passes. It is the ideal implement for cash crop farmers who need to bury and incorporate crop residues quickly, between crops.


  • The Rotavator is the most efficient means of transmitting engine power directly to the soil with no wheel slip and with a major reduction in transmission power loss.
  • The rotor turns at the optimum speed for all cultivation operations and the required tilth can be obtained by adjusting the forward speed and the setting of the rear deflector.
  • Blades can be mounted in the three bladed configuration for a fine tilth or in the two bladed configuration for a coarser finish.
  • The Bedformer’s adjustable forming elements, mounted on the frame of the rotavator, creates a bed at the width required for a particular crop and the rear flap leaves a perfect level bed so that planting can commence immediately.
  • The F175 and F200 Rotavators also have as an option, a bedformer with an additional central former which allows you to create two, narrower seedbeds in a single pass. This bedformer was specifically developed to assist vegetable farmers who required additional row spacing.
  • All Rotovators are supplied with a PTO shaft and torque limiting slip clutch, central and offset mounting points, depth control skids, parking stand and a complete set of blades.
  • Parts are manufactured locally and are readily available

There are four different models, the smallest being the F125 with a working width of 1,28 m (35–60 kW). The F150 has a working width of 1,53 m (42–60 kW). The F175’s working width is 1,75 m (45–60 kW) and the largest rotavator is the F200 with a working width of 2,03 m (48–60 kW). Each model has a corresponding Bedformer . The Falcon Rotavator is designed to suit tractors between 35 to 60 kW.

For more information visit or visit one of Falcon’s authorised dealers (listed under Find a Dealer on the website).

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