Falcon rotary cutters for the small scale farmers, entrepreneurs and the emerging farmer

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It is well understood that when small scale and emerging farmers adopt mechanisation into their farming practices, a significant increase in yield is realised, resulting in a higher income for the farmer. The multiple benefits, including labour saving technologies and improved farm productivity, contribute to our countries overall improved food security, as well as reduced migration to urban areas as farmers, continue with a career in farming. However, as technology in agriculture continues to rapidly evolve, and large commercial farmers adopt highly complex, precision mechanisation methods, it is also critical to enable affordable access to mechanisation inputs for the small scale and emerging farmers, including implements that can be used with small tractors, that are simple to operate and do not require extensive training and knowledge.

The local range of rotary cutters, manufactured by Falcon, have become known in the agricultural industry in South Africa as the benchmark for quality, durability and safety. Their range of rotary cutters, which includes slashers, haymakers and mowers, includes an impressive range of more than 45 implements.

Slashers – unrivaled durability and reliability

The slasher range includes the Light, Medium, Heavy and Extra Heavy duty implements with cutting widths from 0.9m to 4,5m and suitable for tractors from as low as 10kw through to 150kw. The lightest duty slashers can be used with a tractors of between 10-35kw’s and have a working width of between 0.9m and 1,2m. They are also considered to be very affordable, especially considering Falcon’s reputation of implements that are “built to last” demonstrating unrivaled durability and reliability in the market.

The Falcon Haymaker®

Falcon also offers an extensive Haymaker® range. Particularly suitable to the small scale farmer is the F40/120V Haymaker® which can be used with a 35-50kw tractor. It has a round, low-impact blade disc that can be fitted with either two or four 360°swinging blades. This implement can successfully cut hay and also tackle other cutting jobs around the farm.

Mowers – the Rollermower, Blowermower™ and Grassmulcher™

The large range of light-duty mowers offered by Falcon are ideally suited to entrepreneurial contractors looking for a reliable and effective implement that delivers a professional cut. These low-cost implements are suitable for the maintenance of all turf areas from lawns, sports grounds, polo fields and parks. For use with smaller tractors (in the range of 10-25kw) there are two Rollermowers (0,9 and 1,2m cutting widths), a Grassmulcher™(1,2m cutting width) and a Blowermower™ with a cutting width of 0,9m and the option of a grass bag and frame for collection of the material.

All Falcon implements are uniquely and expertly designed and built to cope with the tough South African conditions. Manufacturing implements for an increasingly competitive market where price is a major factor for the farmer, is no easy feat. The Falcon difference, is that the implements are built to last and stand the test of time, generation after generation.


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