Falcon Celebrates Staff Wellness Day

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Falcon Agricultural Equipment (Pty) Ltd celebrated its annual Wellness Day on Friday 28th October, in the theme of Commit to be Fit, with a company fun run/walk, followed by a relaxed staff celebration at their offices and factory in Howick, KZN.

The Wellness Day is held each year to focus the staff and the company’s attention on the health and wellness of their staff. “Our staff are the absolute key to our success,” said Steve Thurtell, Managing Director Falcon. “Assisting our staff in caring for their health by providing them with free testing and relevant information, means they can manage any health concerns or conditions properly, ensuring they remain productive, healthy and happy,” he continued.screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-1-39-10-pm

The company prides itself on having a number of long serving employees, some who have worked for the business for more than 30 years. There is a very close sense of being a close team and family and the Wellness initiative that the company undertakes, reiterates these values. The company is involved in a number of other social responsibility projects but believes that first and foremost we are to look after ourselves, before we can help others.


In 2015 a total of 204 tests were conducted by the company. In 2016 these increased to 295 tests in total (a 44% increase) with Cholesterol and Blood Pressure being the most popular tests taken. Some of the tests that are undertaken can be life-saving, such as sugar, HIV and TB, tests which will enable the employees to catch any concerns early and manage these diseases effectively.

The Wellness day celebrations involve a 4km run for the running enthusiasts and a 2km walk for the walkers surrounding the company’s offices and factory in Howick. Prizes are awarded to the 1st and 2nd man and woman in each race.



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