AMAZONE ZA-V Spreader’s Soft Ballistic System – Particularly gentle to fertiliser

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The ZA-V introduces a highly efficient fertiliser spreader which has been designed especially for high operational speeds of up to 30 km/h. ISOBUS communication, weigh cell technology (ProfiS) and many other innovations make the ZA-V one of the most state-of-the-art fertiliser spreaders in its class.

The ZA-V is kitted with an SBS (Soft Ballistic System) which makes sure that valuable mineral fertiliser is handled and distributed with particular care – only then can it exert its full effect in the field. AMAZONE has developed the unique SBS for precisely this challenge. The system ensures increased reliability and precision when fertiliser is spread. The agitator, dosing elements and spreader discs are optimally coordinated with one another and work in perfect harmony. The spreading product is forwarded very gently from the spiral agitator to the outlet opening and from there is dosed precisely and perfectly to the plants across the whole working width.

1. Gentle guidance

The specifically sequenced spiral agitator elements draw the fertiliser granules from all parts of the hopper across a wide area. Advantage: optimal preservation of the homogeneity of the fertiliser.

2. Gentle delivery

The feeding of the fertiliser directly in the centre of the spreader disc is particularly advantageous, since this sector has a very low peripheral speed. The AMAZONE SBS guarantees a continual stream of fertilise that is gently fed into the spreading vane. This is important for the precision of the spread pattern

3. Gentle acceleration

The AMAZONE SBS uses a disc speed of 720 rpm to deliver the fertiliser gently in a flowing motion. The low disc speed guarantees an even and consistent filling of the spreading vanes.

4. Gentle ejection

With the AMAZONE SBS no more energy is introduced into the fertiliser than is needed for an optimal trajectory and a precise spread pattern. The “trailing” arrangement angle of the spreader vanes on the V spreading discs can be adjusted to the required working widths as necessary. The different vane lengths guarantee precise distribution in the individual sectors.

Distribution tests prove that the unique AMAZONE Soft Ballistic System results in impressively precise spread patterns.


Thanks to the different pitch of the short and the long spreading vane, the ZA-V creates a multi-spread fan. The long spreading vane (yellow spread fan) throws the fertiliser over the spread fan of the short spreading vane (blue spread fan). Even with higher spread rates, the fertiliser is precisely distributed in the overlap area of the two spreading discs behind the spreader.

The ZA-V Super ProfiS Tronic and Tronic are available with a hopper capacity of 1 700 ℓ and the ZA-V ProfiS Hydro, 2 000 ℓ. An optional 600 ℓ extension is available on all models to increase the capacity to 2 300 ℓ and 2 600 ℓ respectively.

Falcon is the sole importer of Amazone implements and spare parts into South Africa and certain countries in Sub-Sahara Africa. For more information do not hesitate to call our sales office 033 330 5787 or visit one of our authorised dealers.


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