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With the current climate of farmers focusing on improving efficiency on the farm, and with one of the biggest costs for farmers being fertiliser and spreading, extensive savings can be seen when using a precision spreader which offers improved and accurate spreading efficiencies. In addition, using a quality implement with a long life-span enables a significant amount of money to be saved over a long-term period.

Significant savings realised from precision spreading

Section Control
With an Amazone spreader, SectionControl is available for all budgets and on a number of machine sizes and at any level of sophistication. However, for those who wish to spread extremely precisely in wedge-shaped fields, in short work or around obstacles, Amazone has their innovative DynamicSpread dynamic part-width Section Control for the ZA-TS Hydro mounted and the ZG-TS Hydro trailed spreaders. DynamicSpread can offer section control of up to 128 sections, which is terminal dependent. The greatest benefit of accurate Section Control is the additional increase in precision meaning even greater savings on fertiliser and better yields due to minimising unnecessary over and under fertilisation.

Border spreading technology available on all models

Amazone offers accurate border spread technology, as an option, on all models which is unique amongst the competition. On the most advanced Amazone spreader, the ZA-TS, border spreading technology comes as standard. Here the technology will move the delivery vanes on the discs so you can spread against a border instead of the full working width. Accurate boundary spreading plays an increasingly important part in today’s agriculture. For the farmer, the importance of optimum fertiliser distribution right up to the field’s border, the savings involved in accurate spreading and increasing the yield potential, are of biggest value. From an environmental perspective, border spread technology is important to ensure no fertiliser contamination of the surrounding areas. Amazone offers a wide range of border spreading techniques for all situations and at all levels of operator comfort.

ISOBUS terminal compliance

The full compliance of the spreaders with ISOBUS terminals ensures complete compatibility of data transfer with any chosen ISOBUS terminal. ISOBUS technology enables the tractor to effectively control the implement, for example, shutting the spreader off, at the headland or automatic section control, which is all done conveniently from one universal terminal, which controls any ISOBUS implement and the tractor. It boosts operator comfort and accuracy and facilitates automatic record keeping. The integrated system also means connection and set up is quick and easy, reducing time and frustration.

Exceptional quality and life-span

An area where Amazone stands out from the crowd is the exceptional life-span and quality of all Amazone spreaders. Excellent return on investment is realised with an implement that continues to deliver for many years.

Outstanding machines made from outstanding materials

The use of high-grade materials in advanced production processes guarantees a long lifespan and a high resale value. The entire spreading system is manufactured from stainless steel providing a prolonged operational life.

The electro-dip coat multi-layer painting

All components are dip-coated inside and out at the Amazone factories. The electro-dip coat (KTL/CDP), which has especially been developed for Amazone, applies a full paint layer even on the sharp edge of a razor blade. As a result, the coating is very rugged, reliable and corrosion-resistant. On models which use hard-faced spreading vanes, the vanes are coated with a special long-lasting anti-wear protection (tungsten carbite). Consequently, the result is a three-fold increase in lifespan.

The four pillars of spreading at Amazone are quality, innovation, precision, and service. By consistently upholding these pillars, as well as offering a very comprehensive range of spreaders that can deliver high spreading speeds, extreme accuracy of spreading, variable-rate application and vast spreading widths (up to 54 m with accuracy), Amazone has come to be known as the most innovative and leading fertiliser spreader manufacturers for precision spreading. Make the smart move and invest in an Amazone spreader. Financial intelligence pays off.

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