Our Vision

To be respected and recognised, year after year, as a preferred and prominent manufacturer and supplier to the agricultural and turf industries in South Africa and Sub-Saharan countries.

Our Values

  • We are passionate about our customers and will fight for their rights.
  • We care for and respect one another.
  • We live by honesty and integrity.
  • We take individual responsibility for and pride in what we do – we are all accountable.
  • We encourage friendliness, openness and sincerity.
  • We instill professionalism through our growing expertise and image.

Our Mission

We at Falcon are dedicated and committed to:

  • Manufacturing and supplying a range of tractor-drawn implements, parts and services to meet the requirements of the South African and Sub-Saharan markets.
  • Ensuring that our products are of an outstanding quality, are value for money, and instill a pride of ownership.
  • Ensuring that Falcon remains a leading brand.
  • Developing and maintaining a dealer network that will provide superior service and excellence in customer care.
  • Researching and developing new implements and improving the existing product range in line with our customers’ needs – products that are simple, serviceable and low maintenance.
  • Developing and nurturing staff in order to create an enabling environment.
  • Supporting and participating in our communities.
  • Treating customers, suppliers and employees with integrity, fairness and respect.
  • Providing leadership in industry, trade and regulatory associations.
  • Sustaining returns on investments that will reward all stakeholders and secure funding for the company’s continued growth.

In conclusion, Falcon is committed to its:


Our Pledge

We, the team at Falcon, pledge to:

  • Listen to our customers – we understand that our business success is based on what our customers believe exceptional service to be, not what we consider it to be.
  • Deal with problems effectively, making every effort to shorten the chain of communication between the end user and ourselves. We will never allow the internal structure to interfere with our service delivery.
  • Keep our commitments and follow through on them by communicating effectively with our customers.
  • Never make assumptions, but listen carefully and clarify the details before deciding the most appropriate course of action.
  • Never sell direct to the end user, as this would be harmful to the relationships and trust we have built with our dealer network.
  • Keep our dealers informed through development of and access to appropriate and relevant resources, e.g. ongoing training, brochures, our website and newsletters.
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