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Falcon is celebrating 35 years of innovation, quality and reliability. With an extensive dealer network and a passion for serving our customers, our business is focussed on your success.

We are excited to be forging into 2020 with our celebration of 35 years of innovation, quality and reliability. Our anniversary reminds us of the passion we have always had for serving our customers.

We recognise that in a society obsessed with ‘throw-away’ and ‘replace rather than fix’, and where businesses increasingly build their revenue models on planned obsolescence and product life-cycles, we are proud that these have never been considerations in our company. The longevity and durability of our implements is something unique and should be celebrated. We pride ourselves on this ‘built to last’ reputation, and the reliability Falcon implements have delivered to farmers for over three decades. This solid reputation in the industry as the benchmark for quality, durability and safety, as well as our reputation of operating ethically and with the utmost of respect and professionalism, are elements which underpin our business and form our DNA. This is what makes us Falcon, and we will continue to deliver this to our customers for decades to come.

Since 1985, the company has seen significant change, growing from a small family business to one of the leading manufacturers and distributor of highly innovative agricultural implements.

With a strong footprint in Sub-Saharan Africa, we successfully export our products to more than ten other African countries. In South Africa, we have an impressive network of over 350 authorised dealers of which approximately 110 are dedicated mechanisation dealers.

The Falcon and Locust ranges of implements are locally manufactured with an ongoing programme of innovation and improvement to ensure consistency in satisfying customers’ ever-changing requirements. We also import a range of implements that complement locally manufactured ones. These include Amazone, the leaders in German innovation, with a variety of spreaders, sprayers, mowers and soil tillage implements as well as Votex shredders (from the Netherlands).

Falcon runs its own spare parts division and is the exclusive supplier of all Falcon Original and Amazone spare parts through our authorised network of dealers. This enhances the dependability of our implements and minimises downtime for the farmer.

Looking to the future, Falcon will continue to develop new products and services in response to the changing needs of the African agricultural industry. Our priorities are focused on maintaining our professional approach to business, while adopting and evolving new technologies, innovations and ways of doing business that keep us relevant in a changing market.

We are looking forward to continued success and growth as a local manufacturer, importer and distributor. The next 35 years are sure to be just as exciting – if not more so – than the first.

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