100 years young. The fertiliser spreaders from AMAZONE

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Below is a letter from Dr. Justus Dreyer and Christrian Dreyer, Directors of Amazone, on the celebration of 100 years of fertliser spreaders milestone which they are currently celebrating. Click here to view the TIMELINE showing the major milestones and innovations over the 100 year journey.

Our fertiliser spreaders have reached the milestone “100 years young”. Over the course of this century of fertiliser spreading we, at AMAZONE, have pushed the boundaries again and again with new fertiliser spreader ideas and pioneering inventions. In this way, the fertiliser spreaders from AMAZONE have always remained innovative and young. So what started in 1917 with the first AMAZONE box spreader has evolved today, with its pioneering AutoTS concept, into the ZA-TS and ZG-TS fertiliser spreaders with their state-of-the-art technology.

Two years prior to the start of our 100 year journey of fertiliser spreading technology, our great-grandfather and AMAZONE founder, Heinrich Dreyer, had applied for a patent on a worm auger fertiliser spreader in 1915. In those times the yardstick of the industry was still the chain fertiliser distributor which performed well and reliably indeed but had the disadvantage that they were very heavy and expensive. Therefore, only large farms could afford such a spreader, whereas the farmers on the small and medium sized farms, had to spread the fertiliser by hand or they used simple slit spreaders which, however, were only suitable for dry fertilisers.

When the worm auger fertiliser spreader from our great-grandfather was introduced to the market, it proved to be a huge step forward because it was able to spread dry and moist fertilisers and was affordable even for those smaller farms. You can learn more about all the subsequent AMAZONE fertiliser spreaders on the following pages of our journey through the 100 year history.

You may be assured that, going forward, we and the AMAZONE team will do everyghing we can to further improve our fertiliser spreading technology. It is our objective that you are able to spread your fertiliser more and more precisely and, in this way, save costs and simultaneously help the environment.

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