Votex Reach Mowers

The Votex Clipper is a compact, hydraulically driven reach-arm flail mower. It is equipped with its own fully independent hydraulic system, and so operates independently of the tractor’s. Owing to its long reach and simple operation, the implement can be used for hard-to-reach places like deep ditches, high banks and over fences. It is ideal for mowing of all vegetation and hedge trimmings.

The “closed circuit” piston pump and motor give ultimate power to the rotor for fast and effective cutting. The system incorporates an oil cooler that controls the oil temperature and reduces the amount of oil needed in the system.

Optional front-mounting and hydraulic hedge trimmers are also available.

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Product Description

Model Width of Cut (m) Number
of Flails
Power Required
Total Mass
Max Reach Distance Work Angle
Horizontal/Vertical (m)
Clipper 30 0,6 24 18 445 3.10 3.45 180
Clipper 35 1,0 40 20 485 3.85 4.45 180
Clipper 40 1,0 40 22 505 4.35 4.95 180
Clipper 45 1,0 40 30 525 4.85 5.45 180

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