Falcon Material Handling Implements

The Falcon range of material handling implements can collect, transport, load, unload and stack various materials/items of up to 1 000 kg and lift them to a height of up to 4,5 m, depending on the implement and size of the tractor. The Falcon range of material handling implements is listed below:

The Falcon Bale Fork is a low-cost implement for in-field loading of hay bales (maximum weight: 750 kg) and their transportation to the bale storage area. The Falcon Bale Fork Loader is used to stack hay bales (maximum weight: 500 kg) in the storage area.  The maximum lift height to the centre of the bale is 2,7...
The Falcon Uniloader® is an extremely versatile implement. It can load and stack both round and square bales as well as taking on other general loading and lifting jobs around the farm.